Preparing Your Property For Tenants

Legislative Requirements -

  • The premises and inclusions are to be clean and all belongings to be removed prior to our office conducting the Entry Condition Inspection. Cleaning  Guide follows.

  • The premises and inclusions are to comply with local and state authority building regulations with it being safe and fit to live in. The Agent is not a building inspector and as such is unable to advise on the property’s safety compliance. We recommend the Lessor arrange for an inspection by a qualified Building Inspector prior to tenant moving in.

  • A Safety Switch is to be installed for the Power Circuit.

  • All locks are secure and operate effectively with keys (to be provided to Agent).

  • The Property provides adequate security to enable Tenant/s to obtain contents insurance for personal items.

  • All corded internal window coverings comply with Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard - Corded Internal Window Coverings)                    Regulations 2010.

  • Smoke Alarms - All houses and units in QLD must have installed at least one nine volt battery-powered smoke alarm as a minimum legal                        requirement.  A smoke alarm must be installed on or near the ceiling on any storey: Between any area containing bedrooms and the rest of the house  or unit e.g. hallways and on a storey not containing bedrooms on the most likely evacuation route from the storey. Recommendations are hard  wired or 10 year lithium battery smoke alarms for cost effectiveness and reliability.

  • Fire Safety - All buildings that are not stand alone houses or townhouses are to comply with Building Fire Safety Regulations. Compliance is the owner’s responsibility. Unit Owners are to check with the Body Corporate to confirm compliance and annual requirements have been met or, if no Body Corporate is appointed, then Owners are required to arrange a qualified Company to ensure compliance is met as per Regulations.

  • If your Property has a pool, ensure it meets current Government Regulations in regards to fencing, CPR signage and water consumption/use. The Pool Owner must hold a current Pool Safety Certificate.

  • Public Liability Insurance - As your Managing Agent we require that you have Public Liability Insurance for your Property.

    NOTE: If your Property is a unit the cover must include the internal unit space. Public Liability under the Building Insurance, taken out by the Body Corporate, only covers the common areas. It does not cover events inside your unit.

  • Telephone Lines - If a telephone connection is not currently installed in the Property then the Lessor is to reimburse the Tenant installation costs applicable at time of commencement of tenancy.

If you have been living at the property -

  • Re-direct mail via Australia Post. Tenants will be instructed to ‘Return to Sender’ any mail that does not belong to them.

  • Notify the Council of your forwarding address for Rates Notices if you have not instructed our Agency to pay the rates on your behalf

  • Notify Energex, gas, phone and other utility companies to finalize accounts if applicable, and provide your forwarding address details

**NOTE – Power needs to be kept ON during the leasing process. Please do NOT arrange for disconnection until a tenancy start date has been confirmed.

  • Notify your Insurance Company and Mortgagee Holder of the change of occupancy status

  • Notify scheduled service agents to contact our office for tenants’ contact details (e.g. septic services etc.)


Other Recommendations -

  • Landlord Protection Insurance - Whilst rental reference checks are completed as thoroughly as lawfully allowed, we cannot predict or know how a tenant’s future ability to meet their tenancy obligations can be affected e.g. in event of death or long illness, loss of job, relationship split etc. We recommend all Lessors arrange an insurance policy to protect their investment. Brochures are available upon request.

  •  Contents Insurance for your Property’s fittings and fixtures – may be included with your Property insurances or incorporated in a Landlord Protection policy.

  • Leave specific cleaning instructions for specific items e.g. stove hotplates, appliances, etc

  • Instruction manuals for appliances /security system/pumps/ etc to be provided to the Agent or left at the property.

  • Arrange for lawns and gardens to be trimmed and maintained regularly until Tenant commences lease. Untidy lawns/gardens do not attract good tenants.

  • Plan for a ‘pre-Tenant’ spot clean for approx. $180.00 which may be required following leasing activity and just before a new tenancy begins.

  • If your property requires high garden maintenance, consider including lawn/garden maintenance in the rent. We can arrange quotes for regular services and adjust the recommended rent accordingly.

Properties with Pools -

  • Monthly Pool Service – to protect your investment, we recommend that you engage a qualified pool maintenance company to attend monthly. The cost of the service will be to the Lessor – however, Tenants can be made responsible to pay for any chemicals.

  • Pool Handover Service – the pool needs to be in good condition and chemically balanced at the start of the tenancy. We can organise for a pool        company to take care of this for you.



  • All surfaces clean and free of dust.

  • Walls, doors, skirting boards and ceilings wiped clean of marks.

  •  All appliances clean.

  • Window coverings clean.

  • Windows, window tracks and screens clean.

  • Exhaust fans, filters & intake vents clean.

  • Inside all cupboards& drawers clean& empty.

  • Light fittings and fan blades clean.

  • Bathrooms- free of mould and soap scum. Toilets thoroughly cleaned (remove toilet seat to clean properly). All plugholes clean of hair.

  • Carpets professionally cleaned after all furniture has been removed. Flea control done if pets have been kept at property.

  • Lawns – mowed and edged.

  • Gardens –pruned and weeded. Recommend mulching garden beds to deter weeds.

  • All garden waste disposed of.

  • Driveways & garages free from oil, grease and stains.

  • Gutters cleaned out.

  • Both wheelie bins empty and clean.

  • Exterior house washing is recommended.



  • Light bulbs – all working.

  • Leaking taps and washers replaced.

  • Toilet cisterns operating well.

  • Bathroom shower screens free of cracks and in good working order.

  • All windows, doors, cupboard doors and drawers open and close easily.

  • Walls/paint in good condition (repair holes/paint patches/ etc.)

  • All appliances in good working order.

  • Air-conditioners serviced & re-gassed etc. Remotes present.

  • Remote controlled garage doors serviced. Remotes present.

  • Hot water system – topped up and checked for efficient operation, leaks, etc.

  • Pool equipment – present and in good working condition.