Congratulations on becoming an Tenant of Power Property Group! We’re glad you have chosen to work with us and we’re looking forward to working with you.

Now that you’re moving into your new home, there are a couple of things you need to know to ensure your tenancy runs as smoothly as possible.


Tenancy Induction

If you haven’t already done so, before we can confirm your tenancy and hand over the keys (if the property is ready) we need to conduct a Tenancy Induction with you.

This is where we meet and explain to you, your rights and responsibilities of being a great tenant and also complete all of the necessary documentation.

If you are planning on moving into a property of ours but have not yet completed your tenancy induction, please contact us immediately.


Bond and First 2 Weeks Rental Payment

Before conducting your tenancy induction, we always collect your bond and first 2 weeks of rent. This payment must be in cleared funds (sorry, no personal cheques) and if you’re paying electronically, the funds must have cleared in our account before we can proceed.

If you do not have these funds available, unfortunately we cannot proceed any further with renting to you.


Collecting Keys

If the property is not being leased on the same day you’re completing your tenancy induction, you will need to return to our office to collect keys.


The Entry Condition Report

Upon collecting keys, we will also provide you with an both a paper copy and electronic Entry Condition Report. The electronic version will be sent to your nominated email address.

The entry condition report is a detailed description of the condition of the property when you take possession of it.

WARNING: It is your responsibility as the tenant to complete and return you entry condition report within 3 business days from when you receive it. Failing to do this will cause issues when you eventually vacate as you may be held accountable for something you have not done.


Condition of the Property

Prior to moving you into your new home, we endeavour to ensure the property is cleaned and well maintained.

Because we’re not perfect (even though we try to be!) on the odd occasion we may miss things due to the extent of space, fixtures, fittings and appliances at the premises.


What to do if something is wrong?

Cleaning Issues: If the cleaning is very minor and you’re not concerned about it, that’s ok, don’t worry about listing these on your Entry Report if you don’t want to as it can cause confusion when you vacate. Continuing moving on in and making yourself at home.

If you feel as though you want the issues address, please call or email us with an itemised list of your concerns so we can properly address the situation and have the matter resolved for you as quickly as possible.

Maintenance: If you find an item is broken and in need of repair, please complete the appropriate trouble shooting and if needs be, then report this to us via our online maintenance system.