Paying Your Rent in Advance?

Whilst we cannot force you to pay your rent in advance, we do kindly ask you to pay in advance. Only because, it’s easier for us and it’s better for you.

Due to our obligations to our owners, we also cannot accept under any circumstances for your rent to fall into arrears. Owners have bills just like you and one of this will be their mortgage payment. If any owner falls behind in their mortgage repayments, they will be heavily penalised and they will be very concerned with your tenancy and whether they want to continue it.


Benefits of Paying Rent in Advance?

– Your owner will love you and will be much more inclined to maintain and upgrade your property and give you discounted rent increases if you renew your lease

  • You won’t fall into arrears if something unforeseen comes up for some reason, you cannot make your rent payment when you normally would
  • You will find it easier to be accepted into other rental properties in the future because your rental history will show, not only did you just pay on time but you also paid in advance
  • If you ever need to lend money from a financial institution, you will have a much stronger application by being able to pay your rent in advance all the time
  • You’re at much less risk of receiving a breach or eviction notice if for some reason, you cannot pay your rent when you normally would


How to Pay Rent

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay your rent on time and in advance so guess what, we won’t enforce any additional transaction fees on you!

You can pay your rent via transfer and this can be done using internet online banking.

By using Online transfer or going into a Branch, you will have your own personal reference number which removes any confusion for incoming transaction and who has paid them.

The best way to keep your rental payments coming to us on time, every time, is to set up a recurring Transfer payment using online banking. This way the money will automatically be deducted on the correct date and you won’t have to remember when to pay it.


What Will Happen if Your Rent is Not in Advance

If your rent is not 4 days or more in advance, we will get in contact with you to help prevent you from falling into arrears.

You will receive an email and SMS notifying you when your next payment is due and asking you to contact us if you’re unable to pay by that date.

If you receive this message and are unable to pay straight away, please make sure you contact us before your rent falls into arrears as if you do, it can affect your rental and financial history.


What Happens if Your Rent Falls into Arrears

As explained earlier, we have an obligation to the owner of your property to ensure they receive their rent on time so if you fall behind in your rental payments, it is considered a serious breach of your tenancy and we must treat it as such.

Even if your rent is in arrears by 1 day, we will call, email and SMS you daily until we have been able to rectify the situation and get your rent paid back up to date and in advance.

If you do not rectify your rental payments and you end up falling behind by 7 days, we will have no other choice than to issue you with a Form 11 – Notice to Remedy Breach for Rent Arrears which is a serious breach against your tenancy.

If you do not rectify this breach OR you receive 2 or more of these within a 12 month period, we will terminate your tenancy and you will be evicted from the property.

We don’t want to have to harass you or evict you so please pay your rent on time and in advance and everyone will be happy.